Solomon Islands RDS Towers


Rapid Deployment Towers in the Solomon Islands for Solomon Island's Be Mobile network rollout.

The Challenge

SkyComms was tasked with building 21 rapid deployment system towers for BE Mobile in the remote Solomon Islands under extreme conditions and in very challenging jungle terrain over a six week period.

The Solution

SkyComms arranged secondment and logistics of over fifty riggers and radio technicians to the Solomon Islands to construct, install and commission mobile towers. Also included in the brief was the installation and commissioning of Huawei base stations and microwave linking equipment, with a project plan that was well thought out and executed. Efficient use of helicopter lifts and concrete-less tower bases resulted in the rapid deployment of a new network for Be Mobile.

Key Results

Be Mobile now provides in excess of 75% of high speed mobile data and voice coverage to the major population areas in the greater Solomon Islands group, all built by SkyComms in a six week period.

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