Network Drive and Walk Testing

SkyComms has partnered with Australian-based RANlytics for their advanced, yet low cost, CERNO drive testing solution. The compact units cover all GSM technologies and are multi-SIM capable for operator performance comparisons. No skilled technician is required, just a driver or walk tester for urban or in-building testing. The raw data uploads automatically after collection and the processed information is available to you within a few hours of collection.

The advantages for you:

A cost effective subscription model – no capital outlay

Your RF engineers can refocus on design, optimisation and fault resolution rather than data processing

Information relevant to the whole business can be made available to Marketing, Sales, Finance and Technology teams via the cloud-based CERNO workbench

All your RF data is retained so you can analyse changes over time

An intuitive and easy to use GUI interface

Drone-based options available for remote or difficult access areas

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