Eden Park Stadium


The Challenge

While the iconic home of the All Blacks rugby team had good coverage from the surrounding network, 50,000 fans and their smartphones demanded a high capacity, fast and multi-operator solution in time for the Rugby World Cup event. The stadium’s steel and concrete construction, concourses, lounges, corporate boxes and dressing rooms provided particular design challenges when SkyComms stepped up to the job.

The Solution

SkyComms designed and installed an ADC Prism distributed antenna system and hundreds of access points around the stadium, all connected to high capacity base stations for the network operators. The solution was optimised to contain all coverage & capacity within the stadium without overloading the surrounding suburban macro network. The system is remotely monitored and optimised in real-time to cater for varying traffic loads during an event at the stadium.

Key Results

With smartphone data usage doubling every couple of years, the Eden Park Coverage solution has carried terabytes of data, millions of texts and thousands of voice calls since SkyComms built the initial system, so we’ve recently upgraded the infrastructure further to cope for an ever growing demand during events at the Stadium and future proofing the solution through to the next generation of cellular technology.

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