High Resolution 3D RF Mapping

SkyComms can provide a comprehensive 3D Mapping service with our Netview 360® solution from ClearSky (USA). We can provide detailed mapping of any location in the world down to a 1 metre resolution based on actual user data sourced from a variety of social media and other applications. Using advanced analytics and ‘Big Data’ mining we can provide you with information layers including:

Traffic heatmaps showing where end users are creating traffic on your and your competitors’ networks

Network performance of all wireless operators in a specific geography

Two and three dimensional building layers for accurate indoor and macro coverage indications

RF Model layers using real propagation factors not just clutter factor

Network painpoint layers showing the weak spots on your network coverage or performance

How can I minimise my network capex, opex, time to market or TCO?

Should I install small cells, indoor solutions or macro coverage for the best performance in a specific area?

How will my planned changes or optimisation impact network performance (before I deploy)?

What’s the best network technology for each location?

How much traffic can I offload?

How are my competitors’ networks performing compared to mine?

How will deploying VoLTE impact my network?

How can I monetise my network’s superior performance in a specific market?

How are my competitors’ networks performing compared to mine?

I need real information to business case my network expansion and upgrade plans.

I don’t have the RF planning and optimisation resources in-house to do everything I need to do.

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